It Doesn’t Matter What You Call It

Welcome to the first of our new blogettes!

Everyday we get to hear from someone about some disorder that some “crazy” person has. Or one of our friends talks about their friend who has.

We have become an alphabet soup of disorders–ADD, PTSD, BPD, NPD. Everyone seems to have one. It becomes the person’s carrying card, “yeah my friend he’s got bad ADD” (see blog on the no need for the adjective before it). The friend apparently doesn’t have any other characteristics other than his bad ADD. Can you imagine a conversation that goes like this “My friend—he’s got really bad hair”, or really bad clothes, or really bad skin. The other descriptors would be part of the anecdote—My friend Bill, you remember him, he’s got the skin condition, that make him type in pink.

The funny part about these diagnostic labels is that they really don’t matter. It’s what we do about them, and it’s how we feel about them. If my spouse has bpd, it doesn’t define her or our relationship. It’s really what I think and feel and how I’m going to handle it!!

Please give me feedback on the new blogette format :)


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