The club

There are many clubs in the world. In a world with many self unaware people, here is a club that you wouldn’t want to belong to– the -100 club with a special section reserved for people with narcissism. Learn about narcissism and how it effects others. Also on the show, a special communication technique called “And Stop”


Make The Best of What’s Around

Here is the latest episode of Tales From the Office


Make the Best of What’s Around

Today’s  show  is a combination of 2 of my loves, music and sports.  The first “make the best of what’s around” tells us about some very courageous folks who seem to know how to get by and get ahead in spite of major obstacles.  The second tale “the daily racing form” is sage advice if you’re looking to get to winner’s circle in the most important race you’ll ever run.



Taking a Break

When couples who are dating say to one another “we should take a break”, it’s usually the beginning of the end for the relationship. On Tales from the Office taking a break has other connotations. It means we’ve hit the pause button on regular shows for the month of August.  Please enjoy all of the past shows which you can find on Spreaker and Itunes.

Upcoming shows for the fall will include:

  • Couples relationships
  • Communication
  • The 2nd Inning
  • Regret and Regret proofing
  • Being Right Doesn’t Matter

Please contact me with suggestions for shows as well as comments or questions.

See you in September for our next episode of Tales From the Office!


Body and Mind Connection

These is Consumer Reports Article part 1 from Consumer Reports on Exercise. Part 2 of this article is available . 

The article goes well with my discussion with Mike Verdon, Physical Therapist at the Institute for Physical Therapy airs on Monday 6/20 @ 10AM on Obviously one of the topics on our Body-Mind connection topic is exercise. Join us!