You haven’t found this website by accident, you’ve come here because you have identified issues in your life.

You or a family member have possibly identified:

  • More sadness
  • Less motivation
  • Less energy
  • Less pleasure in your life
  • More anxious thoughts-(i.e. what if?)
  • More butterflies
  • Difficulty breathing
  • A “tug of war” between your thoughts and your feelings
  • Increased alcohol or drug usage
  • Engaging in self-defeating behaviors
  • Engaging in self-destructive behaviors
  • An increase in conflicts within your relationship:
    • Arguments
    • Frequent negative comments about your partner
    • Feeling that “we just don’t connect the way we used to”

Maybe you have tried therapy in the past and left feeling frustrated because your therapist didn’t say much during your session, or only wanted to work on childhood issues. Maybe you once started therapy and stopped because you hoped that the issues would go away. Maybe you never started therapy before because you or your family members thought you were “making mountains out of molehills”.

In spite of your current issues, or past experiences, you have decided to try to feel better again. By coming to this website, you are beginning a process of change. This is a great start! Let’s keep your change momentum going!

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Remember change is possible!