Traits of NPD

From Loving the Self Absorbed by Dr. Nina Brown.

  1. Constantly looks to you to meet their needs.
  2. Expects you to know what he/she expects, desires, and needs without having to ask for it.
  3. Gets upset when you are perceived to be critical or blaming.
  4. Expects you to put his/her needs before your own.
  5. Seeks attention in indirect ways.
  6. Expects you to openly admire him/her.
  7. Acts childish, e.g., sulks or pouts.
  8. Accuses you of being insensitive or uncaring without cause or notice.
  9. Finds fault with your friends.
  10. Becomes angry when challenged or confronted.
  11. Does not seem to recognize your feelings.
  12. Uses your disclosures to criticize, blame, or discount you.
  13. Is controlling.
  14. Lies, distorts, and misleads.
  15. Is competitive and uses any means to get what is wanted.
  16. Has a superior attitude.
  17. Is contemptuous of you and others.
  18. Is arrogant.
  19. Is envious of others.
  20. Demeans and devalues you.
  21. Is self-centered and self absorbed.
  22. Has to be the center of attention.
  23. Manipulates others to win attention.
  24. Is impulsive and reckless.
  25. Boasts and brags.
  26. Is insensitive to your needs.
  27. Makes fun of others’ mistakes or faults.
  28. Engages in seductive behavior.
  29. Is vengeful.
  30. Expects favors, but does not return them.