February 22, 2017

Personality Disorders and Mood Disorders

Topics included:

1) What is a personality disorder

2) How do you know if you have a personality disorder

3) Mood disorder vs. personality disorder similarities and differences

4) Impact of growing up in family with a personality disorder


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brandler docs for dbsa


February 26, 2014

  “Family Mood” How are family members affected by your mood disorder? was the topic.  It was a lively energetic crowd who asked many great questions.

Here is the presentation from that night:

here are the 2 handouts:


Twelve Things



 January 25, 2012

The DBSA group was excited to hear the presentation entitled “Resentment and Depression” .

Topics that are addressed in this presentation include:

1) What is anger

2) What is resentment

3) How anger turns into resentment

4) How resentment if not addressed leads to depression

5) What coping strategies can be used to cope with both anger and resentment


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resentment table

handout for dbsa presentation


you can hear the presentation below



January 27, 2010

After a 3 year absence, an enthusiastic crowd was at the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) in Morristown NJ to hear I have this problem that I’m not supposed to have, that I don’t want to have, now what? AKA How to live a happier life with a Mood Disorder. Topics of grief/loss/acceptance were addressed as well as How to live a happier life.

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You can hear the presentation Below.

December 2006

Every one is Jolly and Ho Ho Ho and you are how? AKA Coping with Stress and Depression During the Holidays. You can hear this presentation below.


May  25, 2005

Mood Disorders and Anxiety– that other cousin nobody  told you about
How to deal with anxiety.
Here is the presentation:

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