Fair Fighting Rules

Rules For Fair Fighting

    • Speaking one at a time
    • Looking for compromises
    • Trying not to generalize
    • Allowing for time-outs and breathers
    • Observing rules that you set
    • No forcing, No hitting, No threats
    • Showing personal respect
    • Being honest with yourself and them
    • Giving your reasons
    • Admitting when you are wrong
    • Allowing equal time to speak

Unfair Behavior:

  • Name calling
  • Opening old wounds, dredging up the past
  • Intimidating, coercing or threatening
  • Changing the rules and not saying so
  • Expecting there to be a winner and a loser
  • Saving up gripes to dump them all at once
  • Reading the other’s mind
  • Denying the facts
  • Using sex as leverage
  • Using violence of any kind
  • Appearing to ignore your partner