Coping Strategies for Anxiety

1) Distraction–use rubber band on wrist.

2) Self-talk (“take it easy, slow down etc).

3) Thought stopping:

  • Saying STOP!!!! loudly
  • Visualizing STOP sign

4) Breathing from diaphragm.

5) Saying the word C-A-L-M.

6) Relaxation exercises/prayer/meditation/visualizations.

7) Cognitive challenge: “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” “What would be so bad if it did?” “Could I handle it?”

8) Use hobbies/skills/exercise/arts/journaling/reading/ as relaxants.

9) Avoid “quick fixes”–addictive behaviors to solve immediate anxiety.

10) Use One Day at a Time(ODAT) thinking to reduce anticipation.

11) Focus in on NOW not later (sign at the mall says”you are here”).