Hard to Handle–Assessment and Treatment of Addiction





We became therapists in order to help people.  We get a large sense of accomplishment from seeing our clients get better. We enjoy working with our ideal clients– ones who come into our offices, make connections, share honest feelings and want to get better.

 Clients with addictive behaviors are people that many therapists dread working with.  Many are not honest or internally motivated to change.  Their ambivalence about change can be frustrating.  Some of these clients are highly manipulative who bring out some of our worst characteristics and feelings. 

These clients are frustrating, and they present challenges to us.  We don’t want to meet with these people when their presenting problem is addiction due to our lack of knowledge, our lack of skill and our lack of comfort with the topic of addiction.  We typically refer these clients to other colleagues. Due to their ability to be manipulative, addicted clients often describe other issues as their primary problem.  Since we do not have an honest client in our office, it makes therapy very difficult.

Instead of referring them, or not doing your best therapy because of a lack of knowledge and skill, don’t you deserve to learn how to assess, and treat addictive behaviors?

 This informative workshop will provide you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Assess addictive behavior.
  • Identify multiple addictions and their difficulty for sobriety.
  • Learn motivational strategies for guiding a client from active use to healthier behaviors.
  • Learn how non directive therapy is actually counterproductive to success with addictive behaviors.
  • Learn how to utilize 12 step programs to augment your therapy.
  • Utilize family members as allies in successful treatment.

This workshop will occur in 2, two hour blocks to make learning and retention of the material easier.  It will take place via zoom.

Hard to Handle: Assessment and Treatment of Addiction

September 16, 2020       9AM-11AM

September 23, 2020        9AM-11AM



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