Relationships During Covid

On this edition of Brandler Bits we discuss how relationships have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many relationships have been strained, others have been broken.  Learn how to improve your relationship and make it one that can handle the next phases of covid.


Our Resilient Year

On this edition of Brandler Bits, listen to how our resilience has carried us through the many obstacles of 2020.  Learn about the  4 strategies that will continue to  propel us to better coping as we go forward.



Hard to Handle–Assessment and Treatment of Addiction





We became therapists in order to help people.  We get a large sense of accomplishment from seeing our clients get better. We enjoy working with our ideal clients– ones who come into our offices, make connections, share honest feelings and want to get better.

 Clients with addictive behaviors are people that many therapists dread working with.  Many are not honest or internally motivated to change.  Their ambivalence about change can be frustrating.  Some of these clients are highly manipulative who bring out some of our worst characteristics and feelings. 

These clients are frustrating, and they present challenges to us.  We don’t want to meet with these people when their presenting problem is addiction due to our lack of knowledge, our lack of skill and our lack of comfort with the topic of addiction.  We typically refer these clients to other colleagues. Due to their ability to be manipulative, addicted clients often describe other issues as their primary problem.  Since we do not have an honest client in our office, it makes therapy very difficult.

Instead of referring them, or not doing your best therapy because of a lack of knowledge and skill, don’t you deserve to learn how to assess, and treat addictive behaviors?

 This informative workshop will provide you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Assess addictive behavior.
  • Identify multiple addictions and their difficulty for sobriety.
  • Learn motivational strategies for guiding a client from active use to healthier behaviors.
  • Learn how non directive therapy is actually counterproductive to success with addictive behaviors.
  • Learn how to utilize 12 step programs to augment your therapy.
  • Utilize family members as allies in successful treatment.

This workshop will occur in 2, two hour blocks to make learning and retention of the material easier.  It will take place via zoom.

Hard to Handle: Assessment and Treatment of Addiction

September 16, 2020       9AM-11AM

September 23, 2020        9AM-11AM



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Fall Workshops

I am pleased to announce the Fall 2020 Continuing Educational Workshops.  These classes will occur monthly from September 2020 -December2020.  The classes will be held  on the Zoom platform, which adds to the convenience of learning.    In addition, each class will be two hours long, allowing for smaller blocks of learning.  This will aid in retention and usability of the information.

1)Our series “kicks off” with a 2- part class on addiction.  As a therapist working in the  addiction field for most of my 35 years,  “ Hard to Handle”,  is an accurate description of dealing with addicted clients and their families.  This presentation will be broken up into two parts.  Part I, Assessment, will be held on September 16th from 9AM to 11AM.   Part II, Treatment, will be  held on September 23rd from 9AM-11AM.  Both parts will give participants many useful components in order to learn how to assess and treat addictive disorders.  The presentations will also include many case examples that illustrate these concepts.

For more information and to register go to   addiction workshop



2)In the month of October,  “Making change:  Using Milton Erickson’s Hypnosis Principles Without Using Hypnosis” will be our topic. This workshop will occur on Wednesday October 14th from 9AM-11AM.   Erickson was a master therapist who worked uniquely with every client.  There was no “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach. The best part of this class is that you can use hypnosis thinking and interventions without knowing how to do hypnosis! If you are interested in learning different therapeutic approaches using a hypnosis lens, please register for this class.

For More information go to Erickson workshop

3)Wednesday November 4th from 9AM-11AM is the date for our next workshop.  Astute readers will note that this is the morning after Election Day and our workshop is aptly titled, “Winners or Losers: Use of Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress Reduction”.    Regardless of the outcome of the election, can you think of a better time to learn how to use hypnosis in order to reduce stress and anxiety?  This class will have both didactic and experiential components to it.

For More information go to  hypnosis workshop

4)Our last class of the Fall 2020 workshop series may be the most important.  It involves ourselves.

  • How many times have we felt frustrated or angry when dealing with a client?
  • How many times have we hoped that this client would not attend the session?
  • How many times have we anticipated that the client would make a meaningful change after a particularly useful session, only to find out that the client has not progressed at all?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, please register for “Therapist Self -Care: Work Smarter Not Harder;  How to use different models to produce change”

This class will be  held on Wednesday December 2nd from 9AM-11AM.


For More information go to therapist self care




2)Using Milton Erickson’s Hypnosis principles without using hypnosis

Wednesday October 14,2020 9-11AM

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3)Winners or losers: Using hypnotherapy for anxiety  and stress reduction

November 4, 2020 9AM-11AM

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4) Therapist self- care : Work smarter not harder—How to use different models to produce change

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Hypnosis for Therapist Workshop

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The next steps in dealing with covid 19: challenge, choice, change

On this edition of Brandler Bits we address the issues of the next steps in our healing and dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic.  Tips and strategies are addressed in order to improve coping during this transition period.







Exploring Fear and Anxiety

This is a special edition of “Brandler Bits”.  I was interviewed by the Friends in Recovery Podcast about dealing with fear and anxiety particularly during these difficult times.  There are many strategies identified in this interview to help you to feel better.


Anxiety Reduction during the pandemic

This is a special edition of “Brandler Bits“. This  presentation  was done for health care workers on May 1, 2020.  It addresses the issue of how to deal with anxiety during the pandemic.  This episode addresses cognitive, behavioral, and experiential aspects of anxiety, and what strategies can be used for anxiety reduction.

Here is the presentation:


Here is the handout from the presentation:

techniques for reducing anxiety