Tips for Covid Sanity

On this episode of Brandler Bits, tips to improve your coping in this pandemic.  These are all very straight forward, do able things that we all can do to improve the quality of our lives.



1 thought on “Tips for Covid Sanity

  1. Hi Jeff!
    What a great episode! And how lucky we all are to have your insight, especially at a time like we’re all in now. I do have a tip that made me feel alive and in the moment more so than I have in a long time! I drove a half mile from my apt and found a riding stable academy … there was a horse enjoying the warm sunshine, grazing in the grass. Next to him was the training course and young equestrians were riding pony back. I pulled into the entrance near the gate and while Tiny Dancer was playing on the radio, I took a short video. It was a perfect peaceful and serene moment and richer than anything money could have bought me!! Even if someone must drive further to find such a place, it will be so worth it on a beautiful spring day. It brought me to a peaceful place in my soul that made me focus on the moment, just as you were saying in your recent session. If we look for the good and the positive, we will find it. And I also deleted the Patch app from my phone… because whenever another statistic of this pandemic appeared, I would tense up and you’re right, the news is more about terrifying us than it is about reporting the good things people are doing in the midst of all this…

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