Mine Mine Mine

In the latest edition of Brandler Bits, we discuss how the possessive word “my”  is symptomatic of self centered behavior. Examples of this selfish behavior are given.  In addition recommendations for change are offered.


1 thought on “Mine Mine Mine

  1. Nailed it – “my” is a strange and confusing concept. Having been blessed for growing up in a region of Illinois that embraces its heritage with Native American tribes wherein possessiveness is not a way of life, I have that foundation, Still I have fought for things, and I’m learning more and more that they are just that – things. Even more importantly, I’m learning that control is an illusion as well. The combination of “my” and perceived “control” is something that I see everyday here in NYC – people not playing well together is often a norm. That said, there are also times of extreme humanity that come to light before me. I’m thankful to be able to see the whole range for what it is – moments in the course of life.

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