Wasted Time

On today’s Brandler Bits,   we will talk about the Eagles song “wasted time”  and how that applies to relationships. This powerful song about the end of a relationship can teach us many things about healing from breakup and making changes in life.


Why You Need Boundaries

On today’s episode of brandler bits we’re going to discuss boundaries—
• what they are
• why they’re important
• and how to set them




Resentment: the “Gift ” That You Keep Giving Yourself

On today’s episode of Brandler Bits we cover the topic of resentments. We are going to define what a resentment is, and then most importantly discuss some tools that you can use to make them better.



Our House

In this episode of Brandler Bits, we example the “house” of your relationship. How is the foundation? How is the first floor? How about the second floor? Are there issues? Do you need some housing upgrades? Does your house need some renovation? Listen to find out more.


Relationships During Covid

On this edition of Brandler Bits we discuss how relationships have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many relationships have been strained, others have been broken.  Learn how to improve your relationship and make it one that can handle the next phases of covid.


Anxiety Reduction during the pandemic

This is a special edition of “Brandler Bits“. This  presentation  was done for health care workers on May 1, 2020.  It addresses the issue of how to deal with anxiety during the pandemic.  This episode addresses cognitive, behavioral, and experiential aspects of anxiety, and what strategies can be used for anxiety reduction.

Here is the presentation:


Here is the handout from the presentation:

techniques for reducing anxiety


4 7 8 breathing pattern

Here is another easy breathing technique.  It is called the 4, 7, 8 breathing pattern.

Watch the originator  Dr. Andrew Weil demonstrate it:

A note of caution:
A person may feel lightheaded after doing this for the first few times. Therefore, it is advisable to try this technique when sitting or lying down to prevent dizziness or falls.

Use this frequently and regularly and you will be less anxious!!!


Using Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety and Fear

This episode of Brandler Bits, is an experiential one.  You will get to  use  a progressive relaxation exercise in order to have less anxiety and fear in your life.  Find a quiet place, and follow the directions in the exercise.  Enjoy!



Inconvenient Not Tragic

In the latest edition of Brandler Bits, learn about the phrase “Inconvenient Not Tragic”.  The phrase give us all some perspective on recognizing the hassles and inconveniences of daily life .  By being grateful that these things are NOT tragedies, we can change how we see these issues.